Hot Springs, Arkansas

Spring/Summer 2010

We are excited to have a steady stream of vistors coming to see us in the home we've rented for the summer.
Our first visitors were 7 deer right off our deck
on the golf course tee box.
  It was great spending time with Mary Jane, Karen and Barb. The girls spent the day visiting the natural hot springs and "doing the spa thing".
Ross & Marilyn did the whole Village tour, which included some house hunting, hiking and golf.   Dave & Connie brought the really warm weather, so boating was a must.
Carma, Ken, Mom, Dad, Clayton & Diana joined us to celebrate Dad's 75th Birthday.   We played golf five days in a row with Mark & Michelle, in between seeing the local sights.
On Friday nights we played Five Card Pinochle with
Tom, Dad, Sharon, Mom, Gladys and Al.
  Tom and Karen spent a couple of days with us
touring the Village and Hot Springs.
Nancy and David wore us out!
We hiked, kayaked, drove the paddleboat, swam and toured Hot Springs all in one day!
  Bob & LuAnn came all the way from Alaska
to share the beauty of Arkansas.
One of the beautiful sunsets over Lake Balboa.
Friends from the Village, Ulla & Jim, joined us for dinner. Afterwards, Jim demonstated his new massage skills on Ulla.
We had a great time with Shawn & Lisa -
including Geocaching in Ouachita National Park, with Shawn as our guide.
We were so happy that Kelly came to spend a few days with us and show off her fantastic golf swing.   The hummingbirds were at our feeder
morning, noon and night.