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Christmas and New Year's Eve 2007
On Christmas Eve we celebrated with Tiffany at Stoney River before the midnight church service.
Another wonderful meal
prepared by Paul . . .
and enjoyed with our good friends,
Ross and Marilyn.

Our Kansas City Christmas was
a great time with the whole family.
(Emerson was on her way!)

Corey and Karen outdid themselves preparing a prime rib Christmas feast.
Karen's attention to detail
really showed off in
the beautiful table decorations!
Matt and Jenny celebrated their
first Christmas together.
Sheri and Wayne visited with Dave. . .
and Krista and Matthew tore into their gifts.
New Year's Eve 2007
Susan, Cherie, Vicki, Marilyn, Nancy and Sally enjoyed a great tradition -
New Year's Eve Dinner prepared and served by the men!
After dinner, we played a lively game of Gestures with Pastor, Paul, and Mark.
Our groups' favorite dessert -
chocolate cake!