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Our Retirement Surprise Party !

Saturday, June 7, 2008
The gang was all at Ross and Marilyn's house to surprise us.
As we walked up to the house, everyone came out the front door.
Matt, Andy, Connie, Dave, Tom, Karen and Jenny came all the way from Kansas City
along with Kim and Emmy!
Our church friends, Paul & Nancy, Don & Cherie and Mark & Susan.
Our neighbors, Tom & Mary, Al & Pat, Steve & Linda with Deanna.
Bruce and Dot came from Arkansas!  
Antonio, Carma, Bruce and María

Claire, Carma and Mike were
partying hard.

Don, Ken, Bruce and Ross were
trying to keep up.
After appetizers and cocktails, a champagne toast from both
Tiffany and Don
was followed with a lovely meal
and then the cake!
Tiffany and Carma  
Dot sat with Clayton and Diana,
who came from Tennessee!
Super party hosts, Marilyn and Ross, with María and Antonio.  
Tiffany, the ultimate party planner,
and Paul
Our golfing friends Mark, Dave,
Michelle and Nelda.
Carma and Alex
Jessie, Alex and Bruce at a family
the next morning.

What a great group of family and friends we have.

Thank you all for sharing our special day!