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Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008
back in the USA!

Thanksgiving in Hot Springs, Arkansas

November 27, 2008

The whole family was able to enjoy the beautiful weather and just being together.
We had fun playing cards Mom, Dad, Ken & Carma.
Christmas in St. Louis
The Trinklein Party
We kicked off the Christmas season with a party at Paul & Nancy's beutiful home.
Vicki once again was excited to bring home the ornament that Paul had made.
Paul & Susan enjoyed the wonderful decorations.   Talented Paul is standing next to only a small collection of the many Santas he has carved.
The Foreign Language Christmas Party
Our next party was at Barb's mansion! We a great time visiting with all of our friends.
David and Nancy   Shaun and Lisa
Laura and Mike   Karen and Zack
Zack, Paul, Mary Jane and Gerry   Amanda, Mike and Mary Jane
Kitaro Christmas
Tiffany celebrated Christmas with us at Kitaro.
Her boyfriend, David, the Executive Chef; prepared a fabulous feast for us with outstanding presentation.
Christmas with Dave and Nelda
We spent two lovely days with our friends Dave and Nelda.
Christmas with the Joslins and Poeckers
Karen and Tom   Emmy, Kim and Andy
Krista, Wayne, Matthew and Sheri   Tiffany and us
Sheri, Tom, Corey and Karen   Jenny and Matt
The "Old Folks"   Emmy with her new chair
Christmas with the Neunabers
Bruce, Dena, Bryan, Diana and Clayton   "Soon-to-be" Jessie and Bruce
Dean and Von created a
Banana Nut Cream Cheese Cake.
  Alex, Dena and Dotty
Five card pinochle with the Martins
We had a great time playing cards.   Dad and Sharon
Mom and Tom   On one of our last days in the Village a rainbow appeared over the island.