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Here are some of our favorite tips and thoughts about these European countries:




Hotel tips:
Hotel-Gasthof Langwies, tel. 062453426 (family run hotel, wonderful feather beds and restaurant, beautiful setting just south of Salzburg in Vigaun)

Paul showing off his muscles
in Freistadt, Austria

Vicki and Tiffany at Schonbrunn Palace,
Vienna, Austria



Restaurant tips:
‘t Heerenhuys, Vlamingstraat,53, tel 050-346178 (lovely place for lunch in downtown, white table cloths, better than average food, medium prices)

Hotel tips:
Koen & Annemie Dieltiens, Sint-Walburgastraat,14, tel.050-334294, (bed and breakfast in a home 200 m. from the Marketplatz, comfortable, inexpensive)

Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary

Insider tips: No matter what you order, dumplings come with every meal.

Hotel tips:
Hotel Ibiza, Zamecky vrch, 3 , tel.017-23315, (well located downtown hotel, no frills, inexpensive)

Cesky Krumlov:
Insider tips: Rent a canoe and float down the Vltava River. Beautiful pine trees, secluded commune with nature. Inexpensive.

Hotel tips:
Anna Stindlova, Parkan, 107, tel.0337-4396, (bed and breakfast in a downtown home with patio overlooking the river, comfortable, inexpensive)

Cesky Krumlov breakfast
Karlovy Vary



Restaurant tips:
Restaurant Irintzina, 9, rue Marengo, tel 59590251 (Basque specialites, casual, local spot, not touristy, the food is great and inexpensive)

Vicki and Tiffany at Versailles
The Louvre
Paul and Tiffany in Paris



Bad Schmiedeberg

Insider tips: Take time to check out the city park and gardens.

Restaurant tips:
Gasthof Zum Pferdestall, Hauptstrasse, 45, tel 034-925-70682 (wonderful place in the middle of a field in the country; you’ll be the only tourist; locals abound and the food is great and inexpensive)

Hotel tips:
Pension Vonnoe, Bahnhofstrasse,3, tel.034-925-70317 (bed and breakfast in the downtown home of Helga Vonnoe, comfortable, inexpensive)

Wartburg Castle
Mosel Valley
German picnic



Monselice (near Venice)

Hotel tips:
La Selce, tel.049-782580 (walled villa in a small town; helpful, friendly owners; moderately priced)

La Selce