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New England

OK, is this a Vermont thing?! Everywhere we went, there were face cut-outs for picture poses. Ben & Jerry's was a great place to visit on a hot day, but the Burlington Bear Factory was. . . just hokey.
The luxury resort Mt. Washington Hotel
in New Hampshire is a National Historic landmark
in a beautiful setting.
  The rugged coast at Lands End, Maine
In Portland, Maine since lobster fishing
is not allowed on Sunday; the lobster boats in the harbor sat ready to go out the next morning.
  We had our first sample of mead, a drink made from fermented honey, at the Portland Meadery.
In Boston, Massachusettes we stopped by
the "Cheers" bar on tony Beacon Hill.
  A Navy sailor gave free tours of the oldest wooden ship
in our fleet - the USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides").
Paul Revere had a deserved presence all over Boston.
We visited his home, grave and the Old North Church.
  The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the USA. It was a favorite of JFK.
The gothic dining hall at Harvard is
styled like something out of a Harry Potter movie.
  The MIT campus, located on the banks
of the Charles River, is also impressive.
No game, but we walked around Fenway Park.   We've seen a copy of this painting for years
on our dollar bills. Today we saw the original
at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Our favorite New England restaurants:

The Puritan Backroom, 245 Hooksett Road, Manchester, New Hampshire (603) 669-6890; wonderful clam chowder, daily specials, great prices, casual dining

The Brunswick Diner, 101 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine (207) 721-1134; a Mom & Pop place that serves fantastic fresh scallops, haddock, clams, shrimp fried in a very light breading; outdoor seating or indoor seating in a train dining car; super casual; good prices