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Cruising on the Crown Princess
Brazil and the Caribbean
March 1-20, 2017

Paul & Marsha turn and wave from the escalator as we ascended to the Christ the Redeemer statue above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   Wonderful to be standing at the foot of Christ in this iconic place.
Down below was a great view of Sugar Loaf Mountain.   We, of course, had to visit Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches to check out the sand and the swimsuits. (Photos not appropriate on this website.)
Colorful Rio was still celebrating the Carnaval that ended the night before we arrived.   And Soccer World Cup from 2014 was still on their minds.
Marmoset monkeys peeked out of the trees on Sugar Loaf Mountain.   Linda, Mike, Marsha & Dwayne were fun travel companions for the entire cruise.
People glide down from the cliff top mountains above São Conrado beach, to targets near the bike path.   Sand castle art is very popular and several large sculptures were on display as we passed the beaches.
The overly ornate Baroque church inside the Monastery of St. Benedict was heavy with gold leaf.   By contrast, the Catedral Metropolitana, was full of modern stained glass and concrete. Both churches have been visited by popes.
Talk about an elevator! This public transport takes you from the lower port area of the city to the upper area in Salvador, Brazil.   Colorful vendors in tradtional clothing stood in the streets.
Once on top, the area opens into large plazas filled with musical condombe groups, hawkers and tourists.
Gifted artist, Marcos Santana, made two sales to Mike & Vicki. His paintings of typical Brazilian instruments - the Capoeira and the Bahia - on tee shirts sold for $10 each.   There are so many gorgeous churches in this city, that it is said you could visit a different one every day. From most places you can see 2-3 churches at a glance.
Antigua had Carnaval figures to welcome us to the port, which was obviously overwhelmed by two 3,000+ passenger cruise ships.
Hundreds of Snowy Egrets nested in trees on St. Kitts, which is their breeding ground.   Romney Manor is an estate on the island that was originally a Carib King's settlement. It was taken over by Sam Jefferson, the great, great, great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson.
This Saman tree is over 400 years old and has lived through all of this history.   This narrow stretch leads to a hilltop that provides privacy for Robert Redford and other celebrities.