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Tuscany, Italy
On our way to Italy we ate lunch above Lake Lucerne
and drove through beautiful mountains.
Our first night in Italy, we found a great local restaurant in Morimondo
and tried our first limoncello.
The next day we arrived in Anghiari, a typical Tuscan hill town.
Paul is walking up to the village.

Where to eat?

Trattoria del Priore
Via Roma, 13
Morimondo, Italy

Our favorite pizzaría served a wonderful antipasta plate.
We went to La Verna,
the monastery of St. Francis
The views from the mountain were fabulous.
After the monastery we headed for the Chestnut festival in Caprese Michelangelo, the birth place of the artist. Vicki is feeding a chestnut to a wild boar's head.
This was our view during our lunch
of wild boar on pasta and
local sausages with broad beans.
As typical tourists in Pisa, Paul supported the leaning tower
and Carma & Ken did some souvenir shopping.
Gelato became a new favorite
and the beautiful town of San Gimigniano had some of the best.
San Gimigniano was still damp from a quick rain shower, but we loved it.
The town of Assisi was a beautiful hilltop village where we enjoyed a capuccino.
The church of San Francisco was huge.  
The streets were tiny!
We went to the
EuroChocolate festival in Perugia. . .
where Carma and two new friends won
a chocolate contest.

Paul stood in front of the Duomo in Florence. . .
while Vicki made new friends with the handsome military cadets.

We decided to do Venice right and entered the city on a ferry.
Our lunch was at a table
on the Adriatic sea.
  Carma and Paul celebrated our last day in Italy with a Sgroppino.
We watched the gondollas pass
under our bridge.
The sunset as we left was magical.