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The Loir Valley, France
The backyard of our B&B near Vendôme
Paul in our room
The garden entrance with kiwi vines overhead  
Paul working in the garden
The entrance to our room  
Several types of mushooms
are grown in caves here.
These are pleurotte jaune.
Just picked pleurotte mushrooms
People actually live in the caves,
which are carved out of the limestone walls of the banks of the Loir River.
Here we are in the city of Vendôme
overlooking the Loir river.
We went international house hunting,
but decided this wasn't big enough.
Maybe later. . .?
Leg of rabbit in a savory cream sauce, local woodland mushrooms and a carafe of red wine at Le Moulin in Vendôme. Yum!  
Desserts of Ile Flottante
and dark chocolate gateau with fresh fruits
served with café au lait.

Where to stay?

Coté Jardin chez Hans et Adèle
4 Avenue du 11 Novembre
41100 Villiers-sur-Loir

Where to eat?

Moulin du Loir
21-23 Rue du Change

The Loire Valley, France
We checked out the château at Villandry for garden ideas for our next house.   Vicki is standing in front of a topiary of apple trees that are loaded with full sized fruit!
Lunch was a steak with foie gras.
  First courses of a rose petal salad
and a country turrine.
Our room near Richelieu   The manor house of our B&B

Where to stay?

Logis de La Pataudière
37120 Champigny sur Veude

Manoir du Parc
8, avenue Léonard de Vinci
37400 Amboise

Our apartment in Amboise - we have the upper room to the right with a view of the château in the distance   This is our backyard with the forest floor filled with purple and white cyclamens in bloom.
Paul used the great produce we bought at the outdoor market to make a delicious dinner!
Here we are at the Château de Chenonceau, the most visited château in the Loire Valley.
The fresh flower arrangements
in each room were huge.
  We were able to play golf across from the Château of Chaumont on the opposite bank of the Loire River.
The bridges on the course reminded us of the Old Course at St. Andrew's.   The all day rate was $73.00 US for both of us to play with rental clubs included!
This is one of the caves along the Loire River where you can stop for wine tastings.   No, I didn't try every bottle!
We took a two mile hiking path around the estate of the Château of Chambord. The ferns were taller than we were.   I think we finally found a house big enough for all of our friends and family!