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Valparaíso, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Norwegian Sun Cruise 2009


We had just visited all of these ports a month before, and were using the cruise as transportation back to Buenos Aires. Here are a few new sights.

The views in the fjords of Puerto Chacabuco
were amazing.
  In the Punta Arenas fish market,
erizos (sea urchins) were cracked open like an egg
and scooped out to be eaten raw. No thanks!
Another scene you won't see in St. Louis - The vendor of dried mussels and other seafoods swatting bees off of her wares in Punta Arenas.   Back in the Falkland Islands,
we saw lots of strange ducks. . .
and sea birds hunting for fish.   Punta Loma is the home of hundreds of sea lions that come to the beach during low tide.
Right now the nursing babies are about 6 weeks old.   Mothers called their babies from the water to encourage them to swim out and meet them.